A Very Neenah Christmas

My hometown of Neenah does a night of downtown living mannequin store fronts, the shops host for business and general holiday cheer, along with ice statue carving, hay wagon and carriage rides, marshmallow roasting, and all the sorts of things to enjoy the merriment of winter, December, and Christmas. Here are a few shots I took. This year was especially busy compared to last year, when it was cold enough to remind me of northern Minnesota.

A Very Neenah Christmas 2014
A Very Neenah Christmas 2014Dec 6, 2014Photos: 9


I’ve recently become a father. This has simultaneously absorbed a good portion of my free time, focused the subject of my photography, and decreased the photos I wish to share with anyone other than friends or family. For those who are, I have a private Flickr album set up just for that purpose. Contact me for details.

by Eric McCormick